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Godly Women

How to Deeply Connect to the Divine, Embody Your True Femininity, & Create the Life You Truly Desire

The Live Godly Women’s Embodiment Workshop
with Dr. Sarya Oud (a $625 VALUE!)

The Godly Women Energy Healing Meditation
by Dr. Sarya Oud (a $125 VALUE!)

Get Lifetime Digital Access to the Godly Women Show
by Dr. Sarya Oud (a $300 VALUE!)

 The Godly Women Workbook
created by Dr. Sarya Oud

$47.00 USD

You Are Alive

A Woman's Journey to Health, Healing & Wellbeing

Lifetime Show Access

($300 Value)

Live Workshop Recording
($625 Value)

Inspiring Poster
($25 Value)

Beautifully Designed Journal
($25 Value)

$47.00 USD

The Divine Dance

A Woman's Journey to her Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Embodiment

Lifetime Show Access where you can watch all 29 recordings at your own leisure, and access all Speakers Free Gifts!

$47.00 USD

Individual Consultation Session with Dr. Sarya Oud

40 minutes via Zoom

Do you wish to benefit and bring about change in your life with Dr. Sarya in the following areas:

Do you have a specific topic concerning your femininity, beauty, or self-confidence as a woman?

Do you have a specific issue in your masculine side, such as obstacles in your job, work, studies, financial challenges, or in your self-confidence, intelligence, and self-worth?

Do you have a specific issue that serves as an obstacle with your family, husband, children, relationships, or in finding a suitable life partner?

Do you have a specific topic that is a hindrance in your community, religious upbringing, or your traditional and cultural environment?

Do you have a specific topic that serves as a barrier in your relationship with Allah Almighty, your worship practices, and your perception of Him or His perception of you as a woman?

So, book an individual and private 40-minute consultation session with Dr. Sarya where her full focus and attention will be on you.

(Note: The camera and audio must be turned on during the session so Dr. Sariya can see you and assist you with ease. There are no audio-only sessions.)

Now(Originally priced at 1900 Saudi Riyals)

الآنNow only 1111 Saudi Riyals

(295) USD