About Sarya

Author, speaker, dancer and women’s embodiment coach

Dr. Sarya Oud, has woven her life’s journey and deep love of God into her exclusive, Magical Embodiment personal transformation platform. An academic powerhouse, she earned a BA in Translation at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, then a MA and Ph.D. in Translation Studies with a focus on Qur’an Translations and Interpretations at SOAS, University of London.

Dr. Sarya is a life-long belly dancer, possessing a rare creative light she uses to gently guide women back to their individual and unique wholeness. Her deep font of talent and expertise includes coaching, mentoring, and public speaking as well as developmental and healing modalities such as Theta Healing® and Access Consciousness®. Through her Magical Embodiment platform, she shares her own intuitive and embodied knowing that every woman can create a fulfilling, magical life by integrating her true feminine essence with her physical reality.